The art room for children "KESEA KIDS"

Guesthouse "KESEA Family" is pleased to offer interesting recreational activities for little guests during the whole stay. Every day from 9.00 AM to 13,00 AM your children can visit our creative workshop for free and have fun there, while you will be enjoying morning sea air of Gelenzhik filled with phytoncides of Pitsunda pine and sipping a cup of flavored coffee.

It is not a playing room, but a workshop where children could handicraft souvenirs from salty dough and modeling clay as a memento of their vacation, create toys for puppet theater, where they participate directly, and also paint sea stones and shells and make compositions from them. And, of course, it includes watching an interactive performance which our great and experienced teachers will demonstrate weekly.

Note: the mode of operation of the room is Monday to Saturday, from 8 to 20 o'clock and Sunday is a day off. Visitors of the room must take off their shoes before entering the room (wear socks). There is a teacher in the room all the time which hold classes (creative workshops and active plays) with children. The art room can be visited by children from 4 years. Visiting the art room by kids under 4 years is possible only with parents.

Attention! Children with clear signs of viral or infectious diseases are not allowed in the art room!

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